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"Take care of your body, it`s the only place you have to live!"

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Hey, i am Ramona, I’m a certified personal trainer and nutrition adviser. I worked with hundreds of different clients and offered them my knowledge and experience. I have successfully treated everyone individually for their needs. From my experience i have learned, what works and what does not work for each body type. Lack of consistency, support and motivation will make goals harder to achieve. But now i am here to help you embrace a healthy lifestyle - one that you can keep over time.

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With quality and passion to a healthier livestyle

Private Coaching Sessions

Are you struggling with your weight?
You not getting the result you want?
I have the answer to your questions!

Years ago i was also in the same situation, because of the obesity and the poor lifestyle in my family. I was struggling with my weight and tried all kind of diets. With 19 years I started to look for the secret to a happier and healthier lifestyle. And I have it now!


I am very happy and grateful to share this secret with you. And i know you need it. I can help you with a strong mind set to change the way you look at your body, feel connected and live in harmony with it. I am here for you to create a program that fits to your personal goals, to guide you, feel safe and secure all the way.

Customer opinions

Real experiences and unique results

Satisfied customers often send me their before and after pictures. Read what my clients are saying about their experiences with my fitness program and methods.

I used to be very frustrated and almost desperate for my figure. But luckily I met Ramona a few years ago and she helped me a lot to become a happier person. The programs it offers are highly recommended.

I tried a lot of programs. I don't remember how many, but only with Ramona did I achieve my personal goals. And it was so easy and she was always fun and enjoyable. Thank you very much.

I didn't know how much unhealthy food I was eating and how wrong I was eating. Ramona's nutritional programs have totally changed me. I feel much more vital and healthier today. I can only recommend Ramona Croger to everyone.

M. Wembster, Sydney, AUS

C. Belafor, Vienna, AUT

A. Nagy, Bucharest, RO

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